Brainstorming Cognates!

I’m already working on my Connections Spanish curriculum. I have an idea for this project! :D

But first….resources!


Linguasorb - This site explains how cognates can change from English (ex: intelligence) to Spanish (ex: inteligencia) with lots of lists! – Similar to Linguasorb

English-Spanish Cognates - A PDF with an extensive alphabetized cognate list! There are TEN pages,  and there’s a mix of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. – This page is a list of ADJECTIVES only! Very useful indeed!


False Cognates  - has an extensive list with a free practice exercise. – GREAT resource! It gives the False Cognate, its meaning in Spanish and how you should say the intended word. For example, actual doesn’t mean actual in Spanish. It means current. The word for actual in Spanish is existente .  – An interesting list, but you have to read a couple of entries on the list before it makes sense but it’s still useful. – A PDF with good explanations!  – Great list of False Cognates that are all ADJECTIVES! – This site has an interesting list but you have to scroll down a bit to get to the useful info.

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