Dollar Store Find: Dice Shakers!

I was wandering around the Dollar Tree with my kids looking for fun and easy summer entertainment for them when I found DICE! I couldn’t help myself. I dove straight into teacher mode as my brain scanned my pinned classroom ideas from Pinterest.

Must MAKE those handy little dice containers that I’ve seen all over the place!

I spent $7 and have enough containers to last me the rest of my career…provided I don’t have a Wreck It Ralph in my classroom. :)

As my usual, I modified the original idea just a bit. I tried the easy pop 2 dice into a container and gave it a shake. Whoa! It was loud! Then, I thought to myself…imagine that sound times 10 on top of chattering voices and my sanity preservation kicked in. I wanted to buffer that noise as much as possible so here is my take on this quick little project.

Items needed:


  • Containers to hold the dice – I did a set of 10.
  • Enough dice for the amount of containers desired.
  • E600 adhesive
  • Scrap bits of felt
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie (pink is pictured because I wasn’t able to find my black on at that time)

Step 1


Using one of the lids, trace around the outside of the lid to make a rough pattern. This tracing doesn’t have to be perfect. Cut the circles out but cut on the inside of the tracing line by about 1/4″.

Is this really necessary?

I tested this out by putting a piece of felt in one container and then made another without. There is a significant noise reduction and in my book, Less Noise is definitely better! Try it out for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Step 2


Glue the felt circle to the underside of the lid with the E6000. As with all glues, a little dab will do!

**If you have never used E6000, it is strong holding and fast acting. I cut all of my felt circles needed out first and prepped everything else before starting the gluing process so that you don’t have to start and stop and possibly glue yourself to your work surface.  I managed to glue my drink to the table last time. Just saying…. ;)

Step 3

Allow the adhesive to dry!

Step 4


Trim the excess felt from around the container lid. I used that gap in the lid as a guide for my scissors. DO NOT use your favorite scissors for this step. You could risk gumming them up with the adhesive.

Step 5


Place the desired amount of dice in the middle of the inverted lid.

Step 6


Put 4-5 dots of E6000 along the edge of the container and then place the container onto the inverted lid. (Watch those fingertips! Don’t glue yourself.)  Close completely and allow the adhesive to dry. Now the dice cannot “accidentally” come out of the container and fly across your classroom. ;)

Here’s my final haul for my crafty day!

Dice shakers

I have 2 sets of 10 dice shakers, one double and one single set.

For the double set, I found those containers in the food storage section. A set of 5 containers was $1 each.

For the single set, the containers are baby snack cups. Again, a set of 5 for $1.  I found out that those are just about too small. These cups hold about 4 oz each. Don’t go smaller than that.

The dice came in  packs of 10 so I used 3 sets.

For $7 and some odd bits of crafty stuff I had in my stash, I made my life in the classroom much simpler…and quieter!

And now, I can start creating lots of dice activities and game boards!

How do you use dice in your classroom? I’d love to hear about it.

Hasta Luego,

Sra S.




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