Do I know? Dominoes!

I’ve made my first set of dominoes for my classes. I’m so excited about them. :D

Dominoes game

I knew that I wanted to use them in my classroom but after some research, I decided against buying them. They either are pricey or they eat up the color ink in your printer.  Therefore, I did what I quite often do…got crafty using what I had on hand.

Items that I used:

Dominoes supplies

  • card stock
  • scrap construction paper
  • glue (I had Aleen’s tacky but Elmer’s will work fine.)
  • scissors
  • MS Word (not pictured)
  • Laminator (not pictured)
  • crayons or markers (not pictured)

Step 1

I created a table on MS Word (10 rows by 4 columns, I didn’t want the pieces too small) and added the color words in Spanish in the 1st and 3rd columns. I decided to use 2 sheets per domino set.

Step 2

Using scrap construction paper, I cut strips and then chopped them up into little pieces. I used my muffin tin to keep these pieces organized. My daughter helped me to glue the construction paper pieces to the boards.


We had to get creative with grey (gris). I didn’t have grey construction paper so I had my daughter color a sheet of paper grey with a crayon.

Step 3

After they dried, I trimmed the blank border around the table to help cut down on the amount to be laminated.

Trim and laminate

Step 4

Next, I flip the trimmed tables over and color them with a crayon. Both sheets for a set were colored the same color and each set getting a different color. I did this so that if I find the random domino piece on my floor, I know exactly which set it goes with.


Step 5

Laminate the sheets.

Step 6

Cut out the dominoes and put each set in a baggy. (My son lent a hand with this.) I made a total of 15 sets for a class of 30.

Cut and Package

I can’t wait to bring these out in class. It’s hands on and an easy game for everyone to play! I already have plans to make more sets…adjective opposites, countries and capitals, and verb conjugation.

Hasta luego!

Sra S




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